I don't have too many rules and ask that you respect the following:



Please arrive on time but not early. A girl doesn't like to be rushed. If you are delayed and expect to be more than about 5 minutes late please let me know straight away.


Just before coming to the door (from inside your car if you have driven) please text or call me to let me know you have arrived. Wait for my response to let you know that I am ready for you. That ensures you will not be left waiting on my doorstep.


Please be discreet and respect the fact that I have neighbours who don't know what I do. Don't ask for directions over the phone as you are walking to the house as this is too conspicuous. I will send you very good directions by text.


Please pay me when you arrive, don't wait to be asked. And then wash your hands or take a shower.


I try to keep my house clean and hygeinic so please take your shoes off before walking through the house.


Unless you have showered immediately before coming please take a shower before we begin. Always at least wash your hands. You can expect to be touching me intimately and hands can carry many germs from daily activities.


If you are participating in a threesome with me and another girl please take care to respect safe sex. That means you will need a new condom when changing between girls. Also be aware that fingers can carry body fluids between people so keep a separate hand for each girl if you are touching us intimately.


If you have anal sex with me you must use a fresh condom afterwards, before vaginal sex. Never swap from anal to vaginal without using a new condom.

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